Best Energy Drink


Carbohydrates are best consumed post workout as a source of replenishment when your main goal is to improve body composition. Unlike most post workout drinks, which are usually formulated with a focus on high protein intake, Electrofuel provides 45g of carbohydrate content along with electrolytes sourced from coconut water.

Try it as a great tasting, refreshing alternative to a protein shake after a high intensity training session.

Best Energy Gel Supplement

Energy Gel

Energy gels are ideal for boosting blood sugar levels quickly before a prolonged period of physical activity. Our Energy Elite Sports Gels are packed with carbohydrates, electrolytes and B vitamins. In terms of sports and athletic development, the use of energy gels are ideal for those who are about to partake in sport or sustained performance to ensure blood sugars do not drop too low during exercise.

This amazing gel which contains 75mg of caffeine can be consumed prior to your performance to get the most out of your body when it matters.

Most Soluble Form of Carbohydrate

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

After an intense period of exercise you want to start the recovery process as quickly as possible. Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin is a highly soluble carbohydrate powder which contributes effectively to the recovery of normal muscle functioning.

Great energy source combined with PeptoPro and high quality casein to keep your muscles fed over time. This product is also friendly for those with gluten intolerances, vegetarians and vegans.

Best Energy Bar Supplement

Energy Bar

With fruits and grains baked in coconut oil, combined with whey protein and a host of performance improving vitamins and minerals, our Energy Bar is the ideal snack for increasing both carbohydrate and protein in the body and thus improving your rate of recovery and muscle growth. This delicious bar will reduce tiredness and boost your energy levels.

When setting out on an intense workout, whether it be a long run or sporting event, maintaining a healthy level of sugars to keep your glycogen stores full is a vital component for your performance. Snacking on our Energy Bar prior to or during the event will give you that desired boost of energy.

Best Quick Release Energy Supplement


Our highly effective Tri-Carb shake contains a unique blend of three different carbohydrate sources: Maltodextrin, Fructose and Palatinose. Alongside the carbohydrate intake come 500mg of electrolytes to help further replenish your body. There are 48g of carbs to digest post workout which is very important to improve recovery after an intense spell of exercise.

The shake, which is suitable for vegans, can be utilised by a multitude of people with different goals from a rugby player to the average gym-goer looking for a simple way in which to take carbohydrates in the diet.

Best Energy Snack

Protein Flapjack

Boasting 20g of protein alongside 32g of carbohydrates this flapjack is an ideal way in which to consume vital post workout nutrients or to consume as a snack. Consuming protein post workout is a perfect nutrient for muscular recovery and lean growth, and carbohydrates are ideal for replenishment.

The high protein flapjack is soft with a sweet buttery taste available in flavours such as chocolate, forest fruits and original.

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