Best Post Workout Shake

Recovery XS

An amazing blend of protein, creatine, vitamin C, leucine, glutamine and carbohydrates, Recovery XS creates an amazing post workout shake. With the protein and carbs used for replenishment and recovery, creatine to help restore natural levels that have been depleted throughout the workout, vitamin C to help the nervous system recover post workout and the amino acids, leucine and glutamine for aiding muscle cell repair.

Using this product post workout with a serving of 3 scoops in your shake, mixed with water and ice in some amazing flavours will contribute to your recovery and ability to get back into the gym and train hard again the following day!

Best Post Workout Meal

Chilli Con Carne

With a combination of quality protein and carbs, our Chilli Con Carne, made with real beef and rice, is the perfect post workout meal. The hour after your session is the ideal time slot for your body to consume whey protein, perfect for muscular recovery.

Furthermore, the high amino acid content in beef makes it extremely effective for replenishment post workout.

With 30g carbohydrates and 32.7g protein, the two major macronutrients that create the perfect post workout meal will ensure you recover from your intense workout whilst getting a delicious tasting meal.

Best Post Workout Snack

Oats & Whey Flapjack

As a part of your post workout meal, the Oats and Whey flapjack bar is a highly nutritious product that is high in both protein and carbs. With 22g of protein and 38g of carbohydrates, you will be getting the right levels for muscle mass growth and increased strength.

Oats offer the body a complexed source of carbohydrates rather than the usual high sugar and fat based flapjacks that are seen on the general market. With an array of tasty flavours, the bars are suitable for bodybuilders, athletes and runners.

Best Post Workout Drink

Pro Milk 50 RTD

With an incredible 50g of protein and 27g of carbohydrates per 500ml bottle this post workout milkshake not only tastes amazing but will help you on your way to a quick recovery after an intense season. Ideal post-workout, on the go, or as a snack throughout the day, you can be sure that you’ll be hitting your macros.

The shake also contains a comprehensive amino acid profile and very low fat content at 0.4g per 100ml.

Best All-In-One Post Workout

Hurricane XS

When participating in long bouts of exercises, such as long training sessions in the gym, rugby matches, football matches or combat sports, you should look at taking in the best quality nutrients that will help you to recover to be able to repeat the following day.

With 30g of protein, 22g of carbs, 5g of creatine and 1.5g HMB, Hurricane XS is the best all in one powder to reduce catabolic reactions in the muscle cells, and to help increase strength and power. It’s best to take this product immediately post-exercise for maximum impact.

Best Post Workout Bar

Pro Bar Elite

The Pro Bar Elite is a great tasting, convenient and highly nutritious product, making it a brilliant post-workout snack. High in protein to contribute to growth and maintenance of muscle mass, you won’t be craving sugar filled chocolate bars or flapjacks as this health bar will provide you with key nutrients to ensure you can stay on track with your macronutrient requirements.

This 70g bar offers 26g of protein, which will ensure you are able to have a large intake of fast acting protein that will help push you towards improved lean muscle mass and recovery from intense training sessions.

Best Post Workout Gel

Recovery Plus Elite

This phenomenal gel is used to replenish those who have been under long term exercise that have lost key nutrients and need to replenish both efficiently and effectively.

It provides 15g of protein and 20g of carbohydrates to enable you to recover as fast as possible. Also in the Recovery Gel alongside these vital nutrients are Branch Chained Amino Acids as well as three different electrolytes and a blend of B vitamins.

Best Value Post Workout

Impact Whey Protein

Whey Protein is the most effective way of getting readily available protein to the broken down muscle cells. This grass-fed whey protein product offers 21g of protein, alongside a blend of BCAAs and 3.6g of glutamine. Impact Whey contains a very low carb content, which makes it one of the most effective whey supplements for those on a low carb diet or who don’t want to gain mass.

There are over 50 fantastic flavours to choose from, by far the biggest range on the market, so there is something here for everyone.

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